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Hello, good to have you here!

As my profession is a marathon and not a sprint, I enjoy working with responsible and decisive people who care for their loved ones and would like to achieve their life goals, so we can walk this journey together.

These are the 4 scenarios my clients are most concerned with:
1. What happens to my loved ones if I am gone?
2. What happens to my loved ones if I am ill and unable to work?
3. Do I have enough to retire?
4. Can I afford my children the education that they want?

By understanding what excites and troubles my clients, we work together to develop a financial plan unique to their circumstance.

Whats keeps me going in the last 10 years is a desire to want to bring clarity and assurance to my clients as they build their risk management & wealth portfolio.

If you share the same values as mentioned above, I would love to connect for a conversation and see if I am able to help and add value to your life.

Stay healthy!

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      Bachelor of Arts. Chartered Financial Consultant®. Chartered Life Underwriter®. Associate Financial Wellness Coach®. Member of Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS) and Asia Estate Planning Association (AEPA).


Articles Worth Sharing

Newsletter Issue 88: Keep Cool & Beat the Heat

As we approach the time of year when scorching temperatures send us seeking refuge indoors, this issue offers essential tips and strategies for managing the heat. Arm yourself with knowledge and discover ways to stay cool, hydrated, and healthy amidst the sweltering heat, ensuring you thrive in your daily life!

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Newsletter Issue 87: Growth and Transformation: Nobody Said It Was Easy

Life is a multifaceted journey of growth and transformation. From overcoming setbacks to embracing professional and personal development, this issue contains wisdom on self-forgiveness, career and financial success, and the limitless power of lifelong learning. The process of growth may not always be easy, but it will be worth it. I hope this enriches your life.

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Newsletter Issue 86: Plan Well. Age Well.

Amidst rising costs, aging and retirement planning is becoming a growing concern for many. Yet, more than just ensuring financial readiness, one who is planning to retire also needs to be psychologically prepared for the shifts in lifestyle, routine and everything that comes along with it. In this issue, let's explore expert tips on staying healthy, mentally sharp and financially secure, so we can age gracefully in our golden years.

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Newsletter Issue 85: How To Ride The Dragon

As we embrace 2024, discover essential insights for a prosperous journey ahead. Explore key financial strategies and economic trends aligning with the Dragon Year's promise of prosperity. Immerse in the cultural vibrancy of the Lunar New Year celebrations. I hope this issue with its blend of wisdom and practical advice equips you to navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead with confidence. Together, let's ride the Dragon!

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Newsletter Issue 84: Reflect, Review & Recharge

In this issue, here are some insights on mindful reflection, effective goal-setting, and strategic reviews. I hope this helps you equip yourself for a thriving year ahead with impactful resolutions and fresh perspectives. Let's embark on this journey of growth and renewal together.

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Newsletter Issue 83: Holiday Highlights: Echoes of Joy

Embrace the spirit of the holiday season in this month's issue, where cherished traditions meet thoughtful innovation. From smart savings and healthy feasts to meaningful gifts and cozy stays, our collection of articles offers a reflective journey through holiday warmth. Savour every moment with our handpicked tips and recipes, and let's celebrate the joy and generosity that define this wondrous time of year.

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Newsletter Issue 82: Inflation & You

As inflationary pressures continue, affecting both individuals and businesses, it is vital to equip ourselves with effective strategies to navigate this environment. This issue provides pragmatic insights and ideas, guiding us to not only weather these economic challenges but also thrive in the midst of them. I hope this brings us greater financial resilience and empowerment.

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Newsletter Issue 81: Empowering Children

In celebration of Children's Day, here is a friendly collection of articles brimming with insights! I hope these writings can guide us in embedding valuable skills, boosting financial literacy, and laying down a roadmap to raising resilient, balanced children. May we empower the upcoming generations, helping them blossom into well-rounded and holistic individuals. Let's cherish the joy of nurturing our future

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Newsletter Issue 80: Home Dreamers

Making decisions on property is not trivial, as they often have effects on our quality of life in ways that are not just material but also financial and emotional. Regardless of our experience levels in making decisions on our properties and homes, it helps to have an appreciation of what resources are involved, and how we can be resourceful about them. I hope you find the materials in this issue useful.

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Newsletter Issue 79: Before It's Too Late...

In today's rapidly ageing society, advance care planning and long-term care planning are emerging as critical considerations for ensuring a comfortable and secure future. As we journey together through the intricate aspects of planning for what lies ahead, it's never too early to make such vital decisions. It's your future; plan it well.

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Newsletter Issue 78: Unlocking Potential of Our Awe and Envy

In the delicate balance between awe and envy lies an opportunity for growth. Awe opens our eyes to the beauty and possibilities around us, while envy stirs our desires for improvement. By using awe as a wellspring of inspiration and envy as a catalyst for positive change, we get to harness these emotions to fuel our ambitions, cultivate empathy, and create a brighter future for ourselves and others in various aspects of our lives.

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Newsletter Issue 77: Living with New Realities of AI and ChatGPT

As artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots like ChatGPT become ever more prevalent, AI’s potential to transform our lives and economy cannot be understated. With the increasing adoption of these technologies, they will not only transform the ways we use or consume information, but they are also poised to play a pivotal role in just about every aspect of our lives, including work, finance, and parenting. In this issue, we explore the nuances of AI and the possibilities it brings to our world.

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Newsletter Issue 76: In Honour of Moms

Whether we are mothers ourselves or simply have someone in our lives who has played a motherly role to us, chances are, our lives have been influenced in profound ways by motherhood. Let's take a moment in this issue to honour, value, and draw lessons from the incredible wisdom of women and mothers who have impacted our worlds.

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Newsletter Issue 75: Keep Calm & Innovate

Necessity is the mother of invention. Throughout history, humans have demonstrated the ability to innovate, solve problems, and create solutions in the midst of crises, resulting in some of humanity's greatest inventions. All it took was resourcefulness, action, and persistence. Through this issue, I hope to provide insights into how we can live life constructively and creatively, regardless of the challenges that we may face today.

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Newsletter Issue 74: Bright, Brainy & Beautiful Living

As we get back into the groove of work, our most important arsenals have to be our health and brains. After all, these are essential in allowing us to lead a functional and meaningful life. To do that, we need to take care not to fall ill and ensure that we upkeep our physical, mental, and social well-being. Let us explore in this issue the various ways that help us protect and strengthen our overall health.

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Newsletter Issue 73: The Golden Gift of Intentional Quiet

For many, the festive season is a time of food, celebrations, social interaction, and hype. Coupled with the continuous demands of work and life, such periods can sometimes leave us feeling drained, and some of us may even struggle to get a breather. In this issue, I have put together resources on how we can possibly wind down and benefit from more intentional quiet and less noise.

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Newsletter Issue 72: Finding The Silver Lining

As the world enters a recession, the upcoming year can pose a challenge for many due to increasing economic uncertainty, and the natural fears surrounding it. In this issue, we look at some trends and possible actions that can help us become more emotionally and financially resilient to not just ride out the challenges, but rise above them. I hope this gives us hope.

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Newsletter Issue 71: Planning Ahead

We live in three distinct timeframes - the Past, the Present, and the Future. Many times, we tend to live and make decisions based on what gives us immediate gratification, and often to our detriment. Despite not knowing what tomorrow will bring, planning ahead removes uncertainty and provides clarity to our lives. In this issue, I have included articles that I hope will inspire you to take actions that your future self will thank you for.

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Newsletter Issue 70: Taking A Walk

Many of us lead busy and stressful lives. Even when we may be caught up meeting deadlines, sprinting towards our next goals, or looking after our families, we cannot neglect taking appropriate breaks for our well-being. While it may feel counter-intuitive to do so, sometimes the best thing is simply to step away from the four concrete walls to go for a walk outdoors. It refreshes the mind, body and soul, and is beneficial for our health and creativity. So let's lace up our trainers and walk our stresses away.

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Newsletter Issue 69: Mind Over Money

In an environment of rising inflation and uncertainties in global geo-political climate, almost no one is spared from the economic consequences of the day. It is therefore more important than ever to be intentional and mindful in how we manage our finances in our daily living. Here, I have put together some resources which you can tap on to help you gain a better insight on how you can be more savvy with your money.

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Newsletter Issue 68: Navigating Differences, Conflicts and Relationships with Maturity

Every one is different, and differences in opinions, interests, backgrounds and personalities tend to come with conflicts. Whether is it our co-workers, friends, family members or even our partners, disputes are not only common, but they're natural and sometimes inevitable. The question is, while such conflicts arise, how do we navigate them? Do we attempt to work through issues amicably with others, or do we allow our egos and emotions to rear its ugly head? Today, we look at practical tips on how we can manage ourselves and relationships in more mature ways.

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Newsletter Issue 67: Better Than Before

As humans, the pursuit of change and progress is something that is innate to every one of us. Like it or not, there will always be things in life that we hope could be a little different, a little better in the way that daily situations & events turn out. It could be in the way we think, speak, or the way we handle everything from our finances to our relationships with others. We seek to become better -- and we should. As we strive to continuously exceed our potential, we rise above all previous versions of ourselves and grow stronger. In this issue, we look at some ways in which we can embrace a better self and an even better future.

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Newsletter Issue 66: Self-Doubt & Self-Confidence

In life, there are days and moments where everything we do does not feel enough, or face situations that are beyond our control. A common response to such instances is to doubt ourselves and our abilities, and that is a very normal and human thing to do. But the effect of self-doubt can cut both ways: It can either spur us to achieve our goals and thereby boost our confidence levels, or cause us to feel entirely powerless and paralysed. Fortunately, whether we allow it to work for or against us is mostly up to us. In this issue, we will explore the ways in which we can harness self-doubt to build confidence -- one step at a time.

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Newsletter Issue 65: 80 Summers, 80 Winters, 1 Life

Statistically, most people live till an average age of 80 years. Although this number varies across cultures and nations, we cannot deny that life is still all too fleetingly short. 80 years a lifetime translates to 80 summers and 80 winters - to love, laugh, live, and make the most of our time on this earth. Far too often, when faced with our mortality, we look back at our lives and think of all the things that could have been different. Regret may sometimes be inevitable, but it is still possible to live an unlimited life with the limited time that we have. In this issue, we look at some of the ways we can do so.

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Newsletter Issue 64: Travelling Again

For the past years, given the pandemic and restrictions, many of us were forced to re-evaluate how to plan and book trips for holidays, or consider whether we should even be planning for any travel at all. Now, as borders are opening up, we have reached a stage where many of us are ready to start traveling again and make vacation plans once more. The catch, though, is that traveling will likely continue to be complicated as new variants emerge. How then do we plan for travel? In this issue, we explore this matter in more depth.

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Newsletter Issue 63: Being Positive

Life can be unpredictable with obstacles, making it sometimes difficult to stay afloat. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, stress from work, or financial woes, everyone faces challenges and does at some point, struggle with remaining optimistic or hopeful. Nonetheless, it is still important to maintain positivity to keep us going; by finding the good in the bad, and being the light in the darkness. For this issue, let us explore on what being positive means & how we can harness it in ways that truly benefit our lives.

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Newsletter Issue 62: Social Media and Mental Health

As humans, we have an innate need for connection and approval from others. Often, we make an effort to gain validation and this is natural. Yet, in our world today, this need for others’ approval becomes magnified; as many of us are constantly plugged in on social media, we tend to get caught up in the pursuit of “likes”, “shares”, “follows” & engagement. These can have implications on our mental well-being and happiness. Through this issue, I hope that we can be more aware of the impacts & risks associated with excessive use of social media, and what we can do about it so that we can live out our best lives.

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Newsletter Issue 61: Being Savvy This Festive Season

It is a season of feasting, socialising and spending time with our family and friends. Amidst the bustle of festive preparations and joviality, let us not forget to take care of our well-being even as we celebrate this time of wealth, health and happiness. Stay safe, savvy and prosper!

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Newsletter Issue 60: Looking Towards 2022

By this time, we would have endured quite a long period of the COVID-19 pandemic and many things have changed. Collectively, we have adapted to new ways of living, working and socializing. While there is no telling of when this pandemic will truly “end”, one thing’s for sure: Life goes on. The best we can do is to continue to look towards the future and live out the best we can. As we head into a new year, here are some predictions and trends we can look forward to.

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Newsletter Issue 59: 6 Essential Money Moves To Make In Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With the COVID-19 outbreak, we are faced with the challenge of adapting life around the virus and navigating intense market volatility. This leaves many of us feeling anxious and even disempowered.

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Newsletter Issue 58: Misconceptions that hold us back

Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, left us with these words to contemplate: The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute: the man who does not ask is a fool for life. As the year winds down, it is time to reflect on some popular and widely - accepted beliefs and misconceptions that we may hold that do not serve us in achieving our goals and desires. Today, we look at debunking some of these misconceptions to expand our thinking and explore new perspectives and horizons.

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Newsletter Issue 57: One Thing At A Time

In meeting the demands of work and every day life, many of us can feel compelled to do all things at once, and may become overwhelmed or less effective as a result. To counter this, it is worth taking a moment to adjust our pace; to give ourselves the space to practice taking one step at a time in the ways we perform our tasks and how we manage our minds & emotions.

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Newsletter Issue 56: Habits & Decisions That Compound

As human beings, we are a culmination of our environment, decisions, behaviours and habits. It is worth giving thought to how we live our lives; taking a step back to reflect on some of our own less-than-ideal tendencies and ponder about how we can mitigate or improve upon them. Here are some resources that I hope can help us foster habits and patterns that can create an upward cycle for ourselves over time.

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Newsletter Issue 55: Managing Burnout

In a world where more of us are increasingly working remotely, the issues of exhaustion, burnout and digital fatigue have become more pronounced in recent times. The implications on mental health and quality of life are real. Here are insights and resources that I hope can help us better understand the nature of the burnout that we may experiencing. More importantly, we can learn to manage, uplift ourselves and also the people around us.

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Newsletter Issue 54: On Leadership

Leadership is the act of guiding a team or individual to achieve a goal through direction and motivation -- and there is a leader in all of us. This issue contains insightful resources and pointers that touch on the various under-talked about but important aspects of leadership. I hope this inspires us to not just exercise good leadership in our daily lives as individuals and organisations, but more importantly, help us get through and thrive even in difficult times.

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Newsletter Issue 53: Productivity, Personal Effectiveness & Meaning

As our personal lives get increasingly intertwined with our work in this season, it becomes more important than ever to find ways to devote our energies to become more effective & productive as individuals. Here, I'd love to share with you on some resources and powerful ideas on how we can not only become more productive, but also make our work & daily life more meaningful in the process.

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Newsletter Issue 52: Living A Good Life

What does it mean to lead a good life? The meaning of a good life, or life for that matter, is subjective. But there are some evergreen truths and wisdoms that we can all live by that help us gain the most out of life even through obstacles and challenges. In this issue, I have put together for you a series of insights, tips & advice by some of the best thinkers throughout history on how to live out a good life. I hope these resonate with you.

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Newsletter Issue 51: Dignity and Why It Matters

Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect by virtue of being human, and every person has an intrinsic need to feel valued and needed. Yet, in our world, there is often a gap between the ideals and realities of how dignity is accorded to individuals across age, gender, social statuses and financial positions. In this issue, I'd like to bring attention to the topic of dignity, and the ways which we can protect & honour the dignity of others and ourselves.

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Newsletter Issue 50: Empowering Women In Our Midst

Women have long played a huge part in our society and economy. When it comes to uplifting women, the work extends beyond just international women's day or month. In fact, it requires continuous effort from not just leaders, but also every day folks like us to recognise and appreciate the great potential of women in our lives. In this issue, I'd like to share insights on how we can be enablers of women's progress while staying aware of the realities and struggles they may face. I hope this helps us in empowering the women and girls in our midst.

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Newsletter Issue 49: The Gift of Paying It Forward

When was the last time you received kindness from somebody? When was the last time you extended an act of kindness to someone else, and to what end? As it turns out, there can be tremendous merits and outcomes in paying forward a kindness received with a good deed to somebody else, especially when done out of gratitude. The concept of "Paying It Forward" is nothing new, but in our world, I believe we could do with more compassion and selflessness as it brings out the best in us.

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Newsletter Issue 48: Done is Better Than Perfect

As we begin a fresh year, it is a good idea to not just evaluate ourselves based on the previous year on how we have been managing our lives, but also to find out ways to become more productive as we move along. In this issue, I'd like to share with you some powerful ideas on productivity and how we can make the best of our resources, time, energy and capabilities. Let's do this!

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Newsletter Issue 47: Of Languages, Love and Possibilities

In the words of Poet Ali in his TED Talk, "Every language we learn is a portal by which we can access another language"; the more we know, the more we can speak. To round off the year, I'd like us to take a moment to learn new concepts, stories and ways of seeking and connecting, which will empower us to adapt to the needs of others & ourselves in the way we relate, love, heal, and see possibilities. I hope this inspires you.

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Newsletter Issue 46: Guiding Principles and Tips on Taking Charge of Finances in Our Lives

In a year where many of us are affected and perhaps feel powerless over our incomes amidst a pandemic, it is a good time to take stock of our financial health and confront our feelings about them & the way with deal with them. Whether we are young, middle-aged or senior, here are some important principles & practical tips on money management that we can fall back on which can go a long way into helping us optimise our finances and become financially wiser.

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Newsletter Issue 45: On Teaching, Learning & Growth

All of us would have people around us that we learn from in our lives. And people whom we in turn teach and need to be accountable to at some point - as students, working adults or parents. The better we are at relating and leading others into growth, the better we become as individuals. In this issue, I hope we can draw some lessons and wisdom from these materials that can help us cultivate values and cultures that we want in our lives and lift us up.

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Newsletter Issue 44: The Ability to Rethink & Reassess Our Minds

As humans, we often like to think we're right, even when we can be wrong at times. Many of us have the unconscious tendency to seek information that support our existing beliefs & disregard or undermine those that do not match ours. But doing so without awareness or questioning can have adverse effects in the way we think, make decisions & live our lives. Today, I'd like to share with you some potential consequences of confirmation bias & what we can do about them.

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Newsletter Issue 43 : Staying Grounded in Things that Serve Us

The world as we know it has changed for good on pretty much every level - from our lifestyles, to habits, to incomes and economy. As we navigate our way and find our place in trying times, it is important to stay grounded and keep the faith as we focus on seeing and creating opportunities, solutions & meaning. While there are no quick fixes in times like these, there's still a space for us to find ways to improve and cope better in our lives. I'd like to share them with you in this issue. Let's keep our heads up in choosing to persist in hope & good thoughts, and I believe we will emerge stronger than before.

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Newsletter Issue 42 : Moms Never Retire?

As they dedicate their love and lives to their households and make constant sacrifices for their family’s & children’s well-being, mothers never retire. For all these, moms deserve more thoughts besides during Mother’s Day. But should mothers also think about planning their own retirement — financially speaking? In this issue, as we give tributes to all mothers, we would also like to give thoughts to a mother’s financial freedom. Mothers deserve a worry-free retirement as well.

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Newsletter Issue 41: This is the 8th Wonder of the world - Einstein

Albert Einstein said, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who doesn't, pays it."

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Newsletter Issue 40 : Mastering the Skill of Learning New Skills Fast

Today's phone in our pocket has 100,000 times the power of the computer that landed man on the moon 50 years ago. Our world is evolving at breakneck speed today. The World Economic Forum projected that more new jobs will be created compared to the ones lost. Uncertainty remains about what these new jobs would be. But the time to change our approach to learning new skills has come. The time is now. The 4th Industrial Revolution has begun.

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Newsletter Issue 39 : What is hurting Employees and Employers

There are many new things to deal with at this time while we are being isolated from life-as-usual. A new lifestyle, a new future and something that can be quite subtle - a new kind of burnout. It should do us well to be aware about this so we can learn to disengage when we need to. I wish you and your loved ones good health and may you continue to stay safe!

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Newsletter Issue 38 : Holding Space in Difficult Times

Amidst a pandemic, the profound impact & discomfort of loss or the prospect of loss is felt almost universally. We may find ourselves and even those we care about feeling anxious & restless, which makes it challenging as we find ways to adjust not just physically, but also mentally & emotionally. At this time, emotional support for one another becomes ever more essential. Here, I'd love to share with you insights that can help us have a deeper understanding on the complex emotions that we may be dealing with, & the ways in which we can provide meaningful social support in our daily interactions through being present & holding space for others.

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Newsletter Issue 37 : Covid19 - No turning back from a new future and reality

What the eyes cannot see is bringing countries to their knees as we write. The full impact of Covid19 is still unknown. It has ushered in a new reality for the World. Our lives will never be the same again. And Covid19 won't be the last. While we #fightasone, let's see how we can prepare ourselves and our children for this new future - together. Here are some good reads that I believe can help us rethink this new future and its possibilities. If you find these resources useful, please forward them to those you care about, especially at a time such as this. Cheers!

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Newsletter Issue 36 : Make these 6 decisions

Here's wishing you and yours a very fruitful 2020, and the best is yet to come! Another year, and what better way to start it with a collection of thoughts that might turn out to touch your life for the better? I hope you could find something useful and share along with those you care about too. Cheers for a blessed 2020!

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Newsletter Issue 35 : When the going gets Rough

When the going gets rough, it can at times be easy to lose sight of what we set out to attain in our lives, be it in our personal endeavours, work or finances. The process of going & pushing through such situations may not be most comfortable, but persevering and talking about how to handle them is necessary. These are perspectives I found useful and inspiring. I hope this gives you hope.

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Newsletter Issue 34 : Trust, Relationships and Emotional Security

In many ways, relationships are key to our well-being, as trusting, fulfilling relationships lay the foundation for our emotional health and security. But to work through relationships and trust matters aren't always linear or clean - they can be messy and raw. Here are some articles that I found incredibly valuable that enrich us in our personal and professional lives.

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Newsletter Issue 33 : These are simply worth sharing with you

Change is hard. To force change is harder. They usually don't last. Perspectives however, are easier to accept. They change our minds and maybe that's what we need more than change itself. I hope you enjoy these articles.

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Newsletter Issue 31 : The Power of Tiny Gains

These are some rather transformative articles that could help you and those you care about. So please be free to share them. I hope you find them beneficial. If you like them, do drop me a note and I'll be very glad to know I've added value and touched someone.

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Newsletter Issue 30 : How the World forgot to sleep

The lack of sleep being linked to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease isn't a happy story. Certainly not for those of us who are more conscious about building happiness in life. Please share this newsletter issue with those you care about. We can impact lives together!

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Newsletter Issue 29 : Don't leave life without it

The Bucket List - chances are that you may not have made one. It is an interesting journey that we can take together. It's also a lot easier taking a peep at some of the most inspiring bucket lists that we have put together to share with you. Let's start one and live it out!

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Newsletter Issue 28 : 8 Ridiculously Good Recipes That Only Take 15 Minutes

Since our taste buds are not working like black and white TVs. We know it's meant for some tasty good food. Yummy! Let's stay healthy, and also up our knowledge about making some nice interesting food. Here are some really good resources curated for you.

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Newsletter Issue 27 : Life's most Powerful Lessons

There's a man in Singapore, that every time he concludes a business deal, he would go buy a plant and plant it somewhere. It's a simple way of giving back. He was also able to disengage and be with himself while doing something meaningful, albeit how simple it was. In this issue are some more examples of such life's lesson that we can benefit from. All we need, is to just take some time, slow down and breathe in the fresh air.

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Newsletter Issue 26 : 3 Financial Wisdom from a woman with 3B Net Worth

There are just too many things that we know to be good for us, but have not yet become a part of us. Applying wise financial habits may be one of them. Here are some to learn about by seeing them from the eyes of a very successful woman - Oprah Winfrey. Change requires conscious efforts. I hope some of these thoughts will begin to be a blessing in your life. Cheers.

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Newsletter Issue 25 : Come 15th May, Singaporeans have One more thing to be proud of

In case you missed the news, besides the big 3 - US, Russia & China, tiny Singapore would be the next to send a human into Space using a helium Stratospheric balloon capable of lifting an SUV. This is a 5 years arduous journey filled with many inspiring stories. A Visionary who saw the possibilities, followed by 150 applicants to be Singapore's first Astronaut, and finally an extraordinary individual to make the trip, laying his life on the line. Yet his project isn't about Space. It's about creating a better mental model for Singaporeans - that with the heart, mind and grit, we can do great things. Enjoy this historic moment.

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Newsletter Issue 24: The Interesting secret

Or rather, this issue is about learning the secrets of being interesting. Even calling it a secret is a little too much. In today's world of overwhelming information overload, it's about paying attention to certain things that some people do to make themselves more interesting than others. We can all do better in life with a little dose of this knowledge. So let's dig in!

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Newsletter Issue 23: The way we Think

In this issue, I'd like to do something different. All of the highlights are very interesting videos from TED talks about the way we think. The videos are between 15 to 30 minutes, but they are well worth your time I promise. Hope these resources will help create marginal changes in your life every so often. Let's be enlightened together!

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Newsletter Issue 22: Why Happiness is linked to Deep Talk

Research seems to point to the fact that those who engages in deeper conversations with others are happier people. This is what I call a happy finding. It levels with what makes us human. We speak, we listen, we feel, we learn, we take and we give. And deeper conversations allow us to lift each other up.

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Newsletter Issue 21: Half of the jobs in 2020 are not yet known

In the last issue, we discussed how robots will change our lives in the future. It has become increasingly important for us to keep our minds on the ball, stay sharp and stay progressive. If half the jobs in 2020 are yet to be known to us, how can we prepare ourselves and our children today? To face a fast changing future, we need to first understand it. We need to try and take a peek into this future and start to embrace change.

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Newsletter Issue 20: Your Life is About to Change

We have come to a very unique juncture in time, where we are transitioning into the 4th industrial revolution. This is a time where technology as we know it will start to escalate in its rate of change. Our lives and jobs will surely be impacted. But how? It is time to consider this and take stock of where we might stand now and three to five years later.

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Newsletter Issue 19: The Indispensable Power of Story

From a parent to a child, between friends and professionally in the workplace - there's something special about the role of story telling. And we've a lot to learn from the world's great story tellers. Some of the best are comedians, public speakers and politicians. But there's more. I hope the following articles will help you get started in this interesting journey of learning and exploration.

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Newsletter Issue 18: Retirement dream vs reality

It's been a while since the subject of Retirement was discussed. In this issue's video, it's quite interesting to see how children have different ideas about Retirement. I'm sure all of us have our ideas as well. Yet life can mercilessly erode these dreams. But not if we are really serious about them. So how serious is your retirement dream?

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Newsletter Issue 17: Some things don't change

The future seems to come at us at a faster pace than before. It brings along with it many questions. Will automation take over our jobs? What new jobs will be created? And which existing ones will be obsolete? How can we survive? Yet some things don't change. Understanding the things that will change and those that won't can help us carve out a better future.

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Newsletter Issue 16: 2 Tips from a 116 year old

Most of us find it hard to change even when we know we need to. If only it's as easy as a walk in the park. But once in a while, a certain change of perspective is all it takes. Hopefully, today can be one of those time for you. We can gain some insights and wisdom from these articles that are worth sharing.

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Newsletter Issue 15: The thing about Time management

Do we need to get better at time management? Or do we need to instead think about Time itself? More specifically, what it means to us - with the very limited time that we have. The answer would be different for each of us. But I'm rather certain that taking time to ponder about Time itself can be a fruitful thing to do.

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Newsletter Issue 14: What you need to beat Diabetes

The World Health Organization's latest report says diabetes has quadrupled in the past 34 years. It's certainly something that we should care about. Not just for us, but also our loved ones. Here's a starter to help us understand and prevent this disease better.

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Newsletter Issue 13: Hipster Hawker Stalls - Yummy!

Health is important, so is a good life and great food! One of the great thing about being in Singapore is that there's always new food places to explore. In this issue, I'd like to bring you to a couple really good yummy places - wrapped up with a hilarious video you don't wanna miss.

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Newsletter Issue 12: Oh how beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Singapore is growing as a cultural center. But why is Art important? And how can Art, in its many forms make our lives better? Deep within all of us, there's a need for expression and appreciation. There's certainly more for us to explore and learn about Art. Do not miss the video below. Oh how beautiful this is ~ a celebration of art and life!

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Newsletter Issue 11: Secrets of the Heart - Uncovered

It is always quite refreshing to discover new things about our health. In this case, Vitamin C is one of those surprises. Do watch the video below till the end ~ it could be a life saver. But please seek your doctor's opinion as well.

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Newsletter Issue 10: The result of reading

The more we read, the more we can share. And sharing is caring. Here are a few interesting articles I'd like to share with you in this issue of my newsletter. Remember to pass it along to those whom you care about too.

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Newsletter Issue 9: This isn't the bucket list

It isn't the bucket either. One good news is that more people are now surviving cancer. The other good news is that life expectancy has increased from 75 to more than age 80. But hold that thought for a moment - it's only good news if one is financially prepared to survive such a critical challenge.

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Newsletter Issue 8: Creativity

We may have thought that creativity is a realm belonging to a selected few. But is it? In this issue, we explore together some interesting stories that may strike a chord of inspiration for you. You can be creative too.

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Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Peace of mind with holistic planning

As a young family with a newborn, my wife and I were concerned with our financial and insurance planning as a family. With little knowledge of the matter, we are fortunate to have Regina to analysize, propose and implement a holistic financial and insurance plan for the family, giving us a peace of mind.

Regina is sincere, warm and patient when it comes to understanding our family's needs and concerns, and has our family's well-being at heart.

Regina is also well-informed, attentive and passionate with her work, taking the extra effort from compiling our existing plans, identifying our financial and insurance gaps, and meeting our busy schedules.

It is difficult to find a financial consultant that we can trust, therefore my wife and I are glad to find a professional advisor and trustworthy friend in Regina. For families starting on their financial and insurance journey, I would highly recommend Regina for your planning needs.

Kelwin Kwan, e-Learning Specialist @ BLANCO SG & Daisy Khng, Senior Teacher @ Rainbow Centre

Planning for us holistically

What we look for in a financial advisor is someone who is well informed and follow things through properly, so that we can understand our planning well.

Regina has been very sincere and forthcoming, she understands the needs and well being of a young family since she has one of her own. She is very open to listening to our concerns and plans for us in a holistic way.

To us, she is more than just a financial advisor, but also a friend.

Gabriel Wong, MINDEF and Elaine Fong, Accountant with DBS

Securing our family interests

Both my husband & I have known Regina for 9 years since we moved to Singapore. Regina is a friend, financial planner and now neighbour whom we feel comfortable to talk about our financial planning.

She looks at the different needs at different stages of our life (before marriage, after marriage, during pregnancy, after children are born).

Regina acts like a reminder which prompts us to sit and plan for the what ifs in life. She is passionate about what she is doing and sincere in recommending policies which work best for us & most importantly, help to make claims a breeze.

We used to avoid financial consultants until we met Regina. Now, we even recommend her to our friends who have insurance needs.

Budi, General Manager @ Infolog & Aurelia, Accountant @ Singapore Business Federation

A wonderful friend and advisor

Regina Ong is by far the only financial consultant whom I feel that I can trust entirely. Prior to meeting her, all the consultants that I met were transactional, pushy and not very sincere in their follow-ups.

Regina is very different in these aspects as she looks at my needs as an individual. Knowing that I always forget the features of my plans and coverages, she would go the extra mile by doing up clean graphical reports that show the key details to my plans. She is one consultant whom I feel has got both the hard facts and soft skills right – you need to meet her to know that yourself.

Besides the above, I got to know Regina at a more personal level. She is a hardworking and loving mother of two, and believes strongly in giving back to the community whenever she can. Looking at her words and actions in a non-professional setting, many people know her to be someone with a strong moral compass.

Thank you Regina, for being a wonderful friend and advisor.

Ng Rei Na, Social Sector Professional

Authentic and competent

Regina has been my financial planner for coming 8 years. I trust her one hundred percent because she is competent, authentic, and always has my best interests at heart.

At every stage of my life, her advice and financial plans have been helpful. She also invests in continuous learning to address changing/varying needs of her clients.

Personally, I have also learned a lot from her and enjoyed spending time with her, as she is such a fun and loving person.

I would highly recommend Regina to anyone who has insurance and financial planning needs.

June Zhu, Vice President, Goldman Sachs

An adviser and friend I feel safe with

Regina has been my financial advisor for almost ten years now, and she is always nothing short of reliable, caring and knowledgeable.

She never fails to check in and keep me up to speed with my plan and entitlements and she also introduces me to interesting new information about the industry all the time!

Most importantly, I feel safe with her. Trust is essential and Regina is so approachable that I trust I can turn to her in a time of need. As both a friend and a professional, she is invaluable!

Shuli Sudderuddin, Academic Director, Sec/JC @ The Learning Lab

Putting clients needs first

I have known Regina for about 10 years and she has been my financial planner for about 7 years now. Despite being in finance myself, I have found Regina’s personal financial advice to be insightful and profound at times - life events I never really contemplated much. With her patience, sincerity and professionalism, I have been able to prepare better for life’s unexpected situations and sleep a little better at night.

What I love most about Regina is that she puts her clients needs first when preparing a financial plan for them. Because of her integrity and experience, I am comfortable to have a frank personal financial discussion with her. She doesn’t push products and always seeks to serve and advice her clients in the best possible way.

I look forward to addressing my other future financial needs with her.

Helena Choe, Vice President, Finance

Going the extra mile

We had respective life/ financial planners prior to meeting Regina, but we made a whole-hearted decision to entrust our family insurance and financial planning to Regina after deeming her to be a person of integrity.

Based on our prior experiences with life/ financial planners, Regina far outshines everyone else in terms of service-orientedness. She goes the extra mile to help us deal with paperwork beyond the call of duty. Teresa purchased a travel plan from her and she helped to fill out the claims forms. This is something that other financial planners would definitely not be bothered with.

Regina is sincere, clear, and honest in explaining policies and their considerations. She is punctual, prepared, and meets at a time and place of your convenience. For busy working adults with families, her care and respect go a long way. Her commitment and professionalism are commendable.

We have the utmost faith that she has and will continue to meet our family's needs, and she can definitely meet yours as well.

Teresa & John Lee, PhD student at Georgia Institute of Technology Researcher at DSO National Laboratories

A great help to our family

I have known Regina for about 5 years, and she has been a great help to our family's insurance and financial planning.

I found her to be very patient and responding promptly to our needs and requirements. She is really committed to her work and customer.

I remember she still attended to me even when she was pregnant with her 2nd child, assuring me she is still contactable until she delivers. She remembers my family members' birthdays and will send greetings every year.

I am very glad to have Regina taking care of our family's insurance and financial planning. She is a valuable and great asset to the company she works in.

Kevin Ong, Managing Director @ Chewy Junior Pte Ltd

A firm support through life's milestones

Regina has been more than just a financial advisor to my family and me, and we trust her now as a close family friend. She has been the firm support for us in our family’s financial and insurance planning.

Knowing how I am rather clueless when it comes to insurance plans and claims, she has taken the trouble to organize it all for us and ensure that my entire family is well-covered.

In the past years, Regina has been there through all those crisis moments when my children or myself required medical help, and the truth is, I am not sure how we could have afforded any of those medical bills, had it not been the fact that she has provided us with the right advice, and assisted us tremendously through the entire process as well.

I never understood the importance of having a financial advisor in the past, but Regina has shown me that a good trusted advisor does way more than just selling and processing your insurance plans.

Regina has been journeying with us at each step and every birth of our child, and helped us to grow our family, while having the peace of mind that our children’s financial, medical and education needs have all been catered for.

June Tang, Senior Counsellor @ Institute of Mental Health

A journey for life

Regina is organized, rational and logical - that’s what I like and need most for someone journeying with me on my financial needs. The info she provides is timely, complete and presented clearly. I can always follow her clear explanations and train of thought. She’s good with follow through. On top of these, she’s never pushy and doesn’t insist on her views.

It’s also good to know that as your wealth planner, she loves God, works ethically and upholds certain values that she will raise issues of on her clients’ behalf in her professional capacity.

As my first choice “agent”, she is also very contactable and responsive like when my daughter was hospitalized and I had queries on claims.

I know Regina is committed to growing in this profession for the long haul. She’s always looking to upgrade herself. I love her drive and determination. Yet she also finds time to be with friends and family, serve and give generously to God and His people.

We have been good friends since our uni days and even better friends now. Who says you can’t be friends after your friend becomes an “insurance agent”? :p

Amelia Sng, Strategy Consultant

Committed, patient & knowledgeable

Regina is a friend since JC days, and she has been my financial planner for many years. Regina is able to give clear explanations on various products, and recommend those that are most suitable for me.

I’ve chosen to buy various insurance products from Regina as she is very committed, and just a WhatsApp away from any queries I have.

If you would like to speak to someone who is patient and knowledgeable, I highly recommend Regina.

Alvin Chia, Regional Brand and Communications Manager @ UnionPay

More than just a financial consultant

I’ve known Regina since we were kids because our dads are friends, but we only reconnected a few years ago and I’m so glad we did!

Regina is more than a financial consultant— she’s a friend, confidant, and life cheerleader all rolled into one. I’m not great at financial planning, but having Regina on this journey with me has given me peace of mind. She’s sincere and truly has my best interests at heart. She's also extremely patient in explaining (and re-explaining!) policy details so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Furthermore, Regina doesn’t strong-arm you into buying anything, because she understands that everyone’s life is different, and you should get the coverage/plan that best suits your needs.

I trust Regina wholeheartedly and can’t recommend her enough as a financial consultant!

Ng Yun Rui, Marketing Manager

A trusted adviser whom I hope more people can benefit from

I have known Regina for almost 10 years! Grateful to have her throughout this journey.

All the sharing sessions, review and analysis have helped me understand my financial status better and guided me to plan well for my future. I really appreciate that she is there for me whenever I needed help with claims.

Regina is someone that I have great trust in and I hope more people can benefit from her services.

Jing Jing, Project Coordinator @ Phoenix Mecano

Going beyond her job scope

Regina is a great Financial Consultant who is very helpful even beyond her job scope. I have met a few other Financial Consultants prior to meeting Regina, until one day one of my friends introduced her to me.

And after a meet up, I felt she was the right one to handle mine. She listens to us and always tries to understand our needs and situation. I feel like talking to an old friend who is always helpful every time we have a catch-up lunch.

Schedule a meet up with Regina, and you will know what I mean.

Stephanie Lie, Architect @ DP Architects

Great experience

Hi Annie,

Regina has been our company’s servicing adviser for 8 years and counting. We have a great experience working with her, as she goes above and beyond in service!

David Ho & Elisa Chan, HR, Eng Lee Engineering Pte Ltd

Meet someone interesting

Hi Alvin,

Being a good listener and knowledgeable financial planner, Regina has been helping me and my family with various insurance and financial needs. Speak to her for insights on how to secure your long-term life assurance.

Lee Yin Hock, Director, Filtrol Technologies

Meet someone interesting

Hi Galvin,

I just met up with Regina and she has been helpful and reassuring. Have a chat with her to explore options in planning ahead for your financial future. Cheers!


Trusted Navigator

Regina is an excellent financial planner you can depend on. Knowledgeable and patient, she is a trusted navigator who helps you make smart decisions that will secure your financial future.

Aisha Abdul Rahman, Communications Strategist

Meet someone interesting

Hi Joyce ,

Met up with Regina that day and she’s awesome! She’s been helping me out with my personal financial planning, and it’s been great because she really knows her stuff and sincerely wants to help! Go meet her!

Huron, Director @ Virtuoso Card Company

Touching lives, warming hearts

Regina loves life and people and her role as a financial consultant is the best way to express her gifts in touching lives and warming hearts!

She is a very sincere and patient financial advisor. She not only listens intently, but is also sensitive and intuitive enough to pick up concerns which you may not express, and checks with you in a gentle way if she can help address those needs. I appreciate this trait of hers very much!

She is not pushy and is knowledgeable about what works best for you, so you can trust that she definitely has your best interests at heart.

In this highly competitive industry, where one can be in just for the moment, you can be rest assured that Regina is with you through the good times and bad times for she will go the extra mile whenever you need her!

Bernadette Chin, Clinical Study Researcher

Determined and highly committed

We have seen first-hand how determined and highly committed Regina is to her profession, family, friends and faith, which is why we trust that she will be in this profession for the long haul.

This is something we value when we get our insurance policies (first for ourselves as young adults and gradually for our family’s expanded needs), as we feel comforted in knowing there is someone we can rely on in times of need.

She emanates a sense of trustworthiness, a crucial trait, to succeed in this profession. All the best, Regina!

Alphonsus Tan, Business Development Manager & Natalie Siew, Senior Vice President, HR

An adviser you can fully trust

Regina is someone you can fully trust to handle your insurance matters. No hard selling, no forcing, no unnecessary pestering.

She advises what is necessary for me and accomodates to my budget allocated for insurance. I cannot ask for a better adviser and I have one less worry because I know she is there. :)

Thank you Regina, I am glad I can count on you.

Praba Saundarajoo, Kindergarten Teacher @ MOE Kindergarten

Always listening & understanding

Regina is a great Financial Consultant who is passionate in her job. She listens to her customers, understands their needs and provides an all rounded solution to each individual. Schedule a meet up with her, you will not regret!

Chee Sok Chen, Project Manager

Trustworthy & Professional

Regina has helped me with all my insurance needs for 6 years and counting. She takes time to explain plans clearly and considers my current and potential needs when putting forth suggestions. Her trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism are traits that I value in a financial planner. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a financial planner.

Esther Goh, Healthcare Professional

Responsible and Reliable

I have had experience with a few financial / insurance advisers from different companies before I engaged Regina as my adviser in 2012. All advisers are friendly and helpful, but there are few things that make Regina the best adviser that I ever have.

I trust Regina because I know that she cares for her clients. My well-being is her priority instead of the number of policies I should get from her.
I feel safe and secure working with her because my experience proves that she is always available (even when she is on leave!).

She is responsible and reliable and I am happy to have her as my adviser and to be able to call her my friend.

Robin Toha, Religious Student